Acquisition of citizenship under the National Development Fund (NDF) requires a one-time contribution to the development  fund.

Applications under this option are required to make a contribution of US$100,000.00 if the application is for a single person or a family of up to four persons or US$125,000.00 if the application is for a family of five persons or more.

Standard due diligence fees and passport application fees will apply and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda reserves the right to withdraw this offer without prior notice and at their discretion.

The NDF is a non-profit foundation established for the purpose of, inter alia, supporting enterprises develop significant innovations through the provision of long term committed share capital, public/private partnerships, specific governmental projects and from time to time, charitable investments in non-profit organisations which deliver services in healthcare, education, environmental management, youth development or the promotion of sport and culture.

The National Development Fund is governed by the provisions of the Finance and Administration Act, which stipulates that there be established a special fund to be administered by a public officer. These funds will not be commingled with the Government’s consolidated funds and will only be utilized for the specific aforesaid purposes. The Citizenship by Investment program will be subject to six-monthly reporting which will be published and presented to the House of Representatives no later than 30 days following completion of the report.

The program allows for a dependent between the ages of 18 to 25 years to be included in the application of the main applicant if the dependent is a full time student at a recognized higher learning institution and is financially dependent on the main applicant. The program also allows for parents and grandparents over the age of 65 of the main applicant or his or her spouse to be included in the application as dependents, if the parent/s and grandparent/s are living with and are fully supported by the main applicant.

Upon submission of your application you will be asked to pay the due diligence fees and 10% of the government processing fee. Upon receipt of a letter of approval you will be asked to pay the balance of the government processing fee and your contribution which will be paid separately to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) escrow account within a 30 day period.

Once received, a certificate of registration will be issued for both the primary applicant and their family members which will require submission to the passport office with their application and any accompanying documentation.

The main applicant and his or her dependents will become ineligible if they have not received a free pardon or have at any time previously been convicted in any country of an offense for which the maximum custodial penalty is in excess of six months imprisonment. The Regulations further provide that a person who has been denied a visa to a country with which Antigua and Barbuda has visa-free travel arrangement and has subsequently not obtained a visa to the country that issued the denial shall not be entitled to apply under the program. A person who is deemed a potential national security risk, a reputational risk or is subject to criminal investigation will also be denied citizenship.